Coaching Services

Coaching offers a transformative process to define clear goals and outcomes that you desire to achieve personally and professionally.  The coach does not tell you what to do or solves your problems.  And, you aren't only talking about problems and challenges with no end game in sight.  The coach works with you and uses impactful tools that help shift behaviors, assumptions and actions to support your long-term and sustainable growth, success and balance. 
"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."   Oscar Wilde
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Coaching services are a game changer when ...

You are ready for a change in your career and need to map out a strategy with finding a new position within or outside of your organization 

You are unexpectedly in the marketplace and need to market yourself and navigate the job search quickly and effectively

You have been recently promoted and need to focus on skills and actions that will create success in the first 90-days as well as long-term

You are a leader wanting to enhance your skills in strategic planning, team management, communication and execution in times of frequent priority changes

You have multiple responsibilities personally and professionally and need impactful tools for stress management, prioritization and wellness to better support your fulfillment and balance

You are a care-taker for your family and parents and need to map out scenarios, care plans and family communication to set healthy boundaries and better master your physical and emotional wellness

You are managing a chronic illness and want to explore wellness tools (such as meditation, deep breathing, exercise, journaling, etc.) to better take care of yourself

Coaching Services

Janeen provides her clients with individualized coaching services, sharing 20 years of talent leadership and management consulting experience and seven years of coaching experience as a PCC ICF certified coach.  She understands the challenges leading at home and work.  She works with clients experiencing significant changes and helps them achieve excellence professionally while balancing their personal resiliency and clarity. Samples of the type of  conversations she has with clients in coaching sessions are below. 
  1. - Clarify position/role you want to achieve - Affirm your preferences for culture, responsibilities, size of company, location, etc. - Review and finalize resume - Apply job search strategies and techniques - Utilize LinkedIn - Prepare and practice for interviews
    Career Coaching
  2. - Elevate communication skills to build trust, drive strategy and deliver results - Develop effective, diverse teams that respond cohesively to competing priorities - Demonstrate the resilience and confidence needed to successfully lead through change - Capitalize on strengths, accomplishments and experience to develop successful results - Step courageously in toxic, critical and bullying environments - Broaden your experience and take greater cross-functional responsibility - Utilize tools such as mindfulness to bolster energy, focus and productivity
    Leadership Coaching
  3. - Wellness certification from alumni of Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute - Develop tools for stress management to create positive changes and balance - Improve confidence and self-understanding while addressing self-limiting behaviors - Harness wellness tools to manage chronic illness and auto-immune diseases - Create approaches for balancing family and work demands while keeping true to your needs - Utilize tools such as intuition, journaling, mindfulness and meditation
    Wellness Coaching



Let's get started ...

If you would like to know more about Janeen Shaffer and her coaching appraoch for you or your organization, please call 804-550-2721 or [email protected]  Janeen is based in Richmond, Virgnia and works with individuals across the United States. 

Most sessions last 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  Coaching sessions are conducted via phone or video.  In-person sessions can be arranged.

Janeen is a PCC certified coach from the International Coaching Federation.  She is a graduate from the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certification program. She received her wellness coaching certification from Dr. Harold Koning, alumni of the prestigious Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute.