Workshops & Consulting Services

Consulting services provide expertise and advise to organizations on critical business priorities.  Consulting is vital to an organization when it needs to revitalize its service to better meet the demands of the market and increase its profitability.  Janeen offers workshops and consulting services for small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, non-profits and academic organizations.  She utilizes her experience as a successful talent leader in top-tier consulting firms and her coaching work with senior leaders to ensure her services and workshops create valuable tools for leaders managing the changing priorities of their business and people. 

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
Winston Churchill

Upcoming Workshops​​

April 10, 2018  12:30 p.m.:  Influence - Build your impact with those around you.  
I am offering a webinar through the Georgetown Alumni Association on Influence. It is a frequent topic in my discussions with leaders, especially as they are working more on cross-functional projects and teams and may not manage everyone involved but are responsible for final outcomes.  More information to come soon.
April 28, 2018:  2:30 p.m.  Resume Workshop 
Join me and take advantage of a resume workshop being offered by the Glen Allen Henrico Library.  Learn to create an effective resume that grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers and opens doors to getting a fulfilling role.  Bring your resume to receive feedback on how to make it work better for you.

Contact for Scheduling Workshops 
July 21, 2018:  11:00 a.m.  LinkedIn® Workshop ​
Join me for a LinkedIn® workshop being offered by the Tuckahoe Henrico Library.  Learn to create a LinkedIn® profile that will allow you to network with hundreds of people who can optimize your chances for employment. 


Consulting:  Outplacement and Career Transition

Develops customized programs for groups or individuals identified for outplacement and career transition assistance.  A key mission is to provide professional, useful, empathetic and respectful services while keeping the organization regularly updated on progress.

Services include:
  • Career counseling  
  • Resume writing and review
  • Job search strategies and techniques
  • Networking and social media tools, including LinkedIn
  • Interviewing skills
  • Salary negotiation
  • Individualized coaching on managing the transition
  • Spousal career counseling
Workshops are customized in collaboration with the organization and its requirements.  The goal of the workshops is to provide tools to individuals going through a significant change or transition and experiencing the roadblocks of anxiety, fear and uncertainty that create limitations.  We work together in the workshops on charting new possibilities by creating confidence, clarity and commitment to actions.

Workshops include:
  • Bullying in the Workplace – What To Do if it Happens to You
  • Healthy Solutions to Managing Anger
  • Stepping Away From Stress
  • Elevating Your Leadership Skills
  • Building Trust and Communication with Your Team
  • Journaling - Nurture and Nature
  • Using Mindfullness in the Workplace
  • Create Your Best Resume and LinkedIn Profile


Janeen is available to discuss these customized services for your organization.